Rulebook and Regulations.
Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: Aeons, a play-by-post role-playing game based on the classic video game series. Before getting started on your character we’d like to ask that you take the time to read through our rulebook so that you’ll have a basic understanding of what our RPG has to offer, our system for role-playing, as well as an understanding of the rules and regulations we expect all members to follow. If you have any questions or need help with anything please feel free to ask on the (Help Forum).

The Basic Rules and Regulations
While role-playing here on there are some basic rules and regulations that we expect all members to follow. In most cases breaking these rules will first result in the issuing of a warning, while breaking them multiple times could end up getting you banned. Simply put, just follow these rules if you want to role-play here.
Don’t God-Mod/Power-Game:
› This one is pretty basic and everyone should be familiar with this concept, but for those who are not. God-modding con be best defined as role-playing a character that defies limitations, be it making yourself overpowered or invincible or using your own posts to control the outcome of your attacks on another player. Basically your character cannot be infallible.
One Character Per Person:
› We ask that you role-play just one character per person here on Zeldaeons, most of your characters status and equipment info will be managed via your forum profile which is linked to your account. For those of you who wish to retire characters or kill your characters off this is fine, you can play many characters, but just one at a time!
Let’s Keep it Clean:
› The Legend of Zelda has very moderate subject matter, it’s idealistic in nature and to be direct it is devoid of ‘overly’ mature content. Moderate violence is okay and allowed as this is combat centered RP, but sexual based RPs simply do not belong here. Any overly sexual posts will likely be deleted and lead to a warning. Just use common sense and ask yourself if what you’re posting belongs in The Legend of Zelda and lets try to keep it safe for all ages.
Respect Everyone:
› This one is simple, respect everyone, be they an admin, moderator, or regular member. We will not tolerate any kind of shamming, name calling, etc between any members in the forums, chat, or private messages. Any activity of this kind will result in a warning to start but could lead to a ban outright if severe enough, if you want to be a jerk go do it somewhere else.
Affiliation and Advertisement:
› Role-playing is a community and we certainly want to promote and be part of that community. We allow members and guests to post links to their own RPGs on our ( Advertisement Forum ) as long as the RPG being linked to has a place for us to place a link back to Zeldaeons. For those wanting a more static partnership we also are always looking to make friends via ( Affiliation ). That being said, posting links outside of the provided forum is against the rules (links in signatures are allowed as long as you’re not simply posting just to get views on your site).
The Timeline and Characters:
› As the ( Prologue ) page explains, our RP begins in the time of Ocarina of Time, though the period of time will change as the story advances. It’s important to note that the various Links of the different ages exist in some form in all of these timelines and their story is running parallel to ours, sometimes intersecting, sometimes distant. Because of this fact your will be required to role-play completely custom characters, as these worlds are populated by the citizens of their time. That being said, you do not have to role-play a character from Ocarina of Time’s period.
Dice Rolls:
› When using our combat system (as opposed to free-style, both of which are allowed) you will have to use dice rolls to add some chance to the action and make it more varied. We have a dice roller built into the forum for this reason. To use the dice simply add /roll #d#+# with the #’s replaced with dice count, sides of the dice, roll bonus. If posting a roll in response to an attack you will have to post your roll first then edit the post and add your RP after you have seen the outcome.