Character Registration
Character Registration Guidelines
Before you get started creating your character please make sure to read the ( Rulebook ) which will introduce you to how we role-play here on The Legend of Zelda; Aeons. Just as a reminder we only allow custom characters to be created and limit characters to one per player (at any given time, if you wish to retire a character and start a new one you may at any time) If you have any questions about the registration process please inquire on our ( Help Forum ).

Timelines and Characters
The Legend of Zelda game series spans many eras and alternate timelines. In an effort to do homage to the entire series the central story of The Legend of Zelda: Aeons will span many of these eras and alternate timelines using a time traveling mechanic that will thrust players on an adventure through the aeons. Due to this we do accept characters from any era in The Legend of Zelda history, though all your characters will start during the Ocarina of Time era (how they managed to get there is up to you and should be included in your backstory.) For more information on timelines please visit the ( Prologue ).


Choosing an Alignment
Your character’s alignment will be central to how you experience the world of Hyrule. When role-playing in Dungeon Mastered events or with other role-players your alignment will effect how your character is perceived. Alignment will also effect what event RPs and at times what items and equipment your character can use. Below is a breakdown of alignments.

Chaotic Good
Feeling laws and structure get in the way of progress a chaotic good character favors freedom over all other things.
Lawful Good
Lawful good characters honor the law and find it important to do good within the accepted framework of society.
Neutral Good
A neutral good character sees the importance of doing good and respects the laws of society but does not feel obligated to follow them always.
Chaotis Neutral
Disorganized and unpredictable with no sense of duty but strong feelings for ones own personal freedoms.
Lawful Neutral
Lawful neutral characters feel the law is the most important thing and disregard whether things are right or wrong if they are ordered to do so.
True Neutral
True neutral is was it appears, one who favors no alignment. Characters tend to follow instinct and their gut feelings to make decisions.
Chaotic Evil
Sadistic, the most unpredictable with no regard for anyone but themselves, characters of this alignment cause pain and chaos for fun.
Lawful Evil
A lawful evil character will use the law and social order to exploit others and have no desire for personal freedoms or rights.
Neutral Evil
Usually selfish characters who will do whatever needs to be done to further their own goals but will not go out of their own way to do harm.

Starting Statistics
Every character starts off with the same basic statistics (3 heart containers, 3 magic meter, and a +3 Roll Bonus), though your choice of character race can add or subtract from those base attributes. Even if you don’t plan on taking part in system based combat you still use these attributes as a guide for how strong your character is in relation to any other characters.

Picking a Race
The land of Hyrule his home to many races all of which have unique characteristics which make them distinctive. When creating a character it’s important to take into account the race the character belongs to as the upbringing and sociological impacts of their community impart different views of the world. Some races are only available in certain era’s of Hyrule, while others span the entire history of the world. For more information on the differences between the races please continue to the ( Race Guide ).

Starting Equipment Packs
When joining you will have your pick of a pack of starting equipment. Each of these packs will offer some unique advantages will leaving you with a few disadvantages as well. As you progress in the RPG you will have access to much more equipment and even be able to custom weapons and armor crafted for you by master blacksmiths!

Registration Form & Posting Your Profile
Below you will find the registration form, fill out all the required information and then post it on the ( Registration Board ). An admin will take the time to read over your profile and make sure you’ve done everything correctly. If changes need to be made comments will be made in your registration thread, otherwise the information will be added to your profile.

Image Here
Name: The name of your character
Gender: Your character’s gender
Race: Pick a race from the ( Race Guide )
Age: How old your character is, remember some of the races of Hyrule live very long lives.
Height: How tall your character is. Make sure this fits in with your characters race.
Weight: How much your character weighs, again race can be a factor here.
Eye Color: The color of your character’s eyes.
Hair Color: The color of your character’s hair.
Alignment: Your character’s alignment, see alignment chart above.
Image URL: the url for your character’s image.
Location: Reference the ( Hyrule Atlas ) for locations in Hyrule.
Era: The Era of the Hero of Time (cannot change this.)
Home Era: Your character’s home era. See ( Prologue ) for more information on the eras.
Heart Containers: ♥♥♥
Magic Meter: [■■■]
Roll Bonus: +3
Equipment: Pick a starting equipment pack. See the ( Equipment Codex ) for more information.
Rupees: ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦