The Races of Hyrule
The land of Hyrule is ever changing and has evolved much through the ages. Many races have come and gone through the history of the land, some spanning the entire existence of Hyrule, others burning out by or appearing only in the later ages. As a player you may pick any of these races for your character, each providing you with unique benefits. Some known races of Hyrule you may not find here, though if you’re truly interested in creating a character of a race not listed please take the time to talk with the admins, something can sure be worked out!


A Human race like both the Hylians and Sheikah, the Gerudo are another of Hyrule’s earliest existing races, having called Hyrule home for most of recorded history. Physically the Gerudo are almost always women (with a man being born to the tribe only once every 100 years, so the legends say) who have tan skin and generally crimson hair. Gerudo are desert people and worship the Goddess of Sand, their culture is vastly different from Hylians as they live in tightly bound tribes who band together in forts or tented villages. Gerudo are known to be fierce warriors but they mostly keep to themselves, though the Gerudo have been known to favor thievery against those who would traverse through their lands without passage. Gerudo Characters on The Legend of Zelda: Aeons must be women, as Ganondorf represents the one man born in our timeline.
›› Racial Attributes: +1 to Roll Bonus, +1 attack power.


The Goron race is one of the oldest and most notable in the history of Hyrule. Though the Goron are humanoid in form their biology is quite unique in makeup. The Goron are silica based life-forms, sharing a phyiscal make-up that is very similar to the rocky mountains that make up their homes. Physically massive and huge in stature most Goron, even the young, tower over the other races of Hyrule as their height can easily grow over ten feet when they become mature. Because of their size and mass the Goron are known to be exceptionally tough, their stone skin making it very hard to damage them, they also possess a nature resistance to fire based magic. Goron Characters must always be male, as no female Goron are known to exist, characters may also have much older age ranges than the other races that inhabit Hyrule, even in relation Hylians as the Goron are known to live many centuries, perhaps even longer.
›› Racial Attributes: Natural Defense +1, resistant to fire magic.


Created by the Goddesses the Hylia people are the most widespread and one of the oldest races in the land of Hyrule. Hylians are a human race, like Gerudo, Sheikah and normal Humans, with their main physical difference being their pointed ears and acute knowledge of the arcane. Hylians are known to live very long lifespans, sometimes several centuries, though this is not rare in the land of Hyrule as most races tend to live extended lives. Hylians are gifted with a natural sense of magic which they attribute to their devotion to the Goddesses, many of them becoming talented in the magical arts when they are young and only growing stronger with age. Hylian Characters are the most common as most of the population of Hyrule during the early eras of history were Hylian, however in many of the future eras the Hylians numbers have lessened greatly, though they are still present within Human populations.
›› Racial Attributes: Hylians start with +1 to their Magic Meter, +.5 heart container.


Mostly keeping to themselves in the dark, remote seclusion of Kokiri forest, the Kokiri people are a half-ling sized elfin race known for their child like appearance and stature. The Kokiri are known of in the outside world, though rarely seen through most of Hyrule, and usually are referred to as fairy people because all Kokiri sport a fairy companion. The Kokiri are an agile race due of their small size, which comes with it’s own pros and cons. Due to their small stature the Kokiri aren’t exceptionally strong physically, compared to Hylians or the other humanoid races of Hyrule, however their quickness and diminutive size make them much harder for to strike than a full sized character would be. It is said of Kokiri that leave the forest may begin to age, though there has been no proof of this and it is much more likely a myth spread by the Kokiri themselves.
›› Racial Attributes: -1 to attack power, +1 to defense, +1 to roll checks.


The Rito are a humanoid bird race who originate from the Great Sea timeline of Hyrule. The Rito are not known to exist in any other era in the history of Hyrule only having come into existence after much of Hyrule was flooded, thus Rito characters much originate from the Great Sea timeline. Physically the Rito are unique among the races of Hyrule, as the only humanoid race that has the capacity for self powered flight, though not all Rito have wings. The gaining of wings is a right of passage for the Rito people only achieved once a Rito has become mature in age and been put through the trials to acquire the scale of a Dragon. For those Rito who pass their rights of passage wings will grow from their forearms much like the fins that most Zora sport. Rito characters who are fully mature will be granted the ability to fly presenting a great advantage among the characters of The Legend of Zelda: Aeons, though the trials will surely be tough!
›› Racial Attributes: Resistant to air magic, +1 to roll checks.


An almost extinct race, the Sheikah are mostly known only via myth and legend as a race of ninja like warriors who have served the Hylian royal family through the ages. The Sheikah race are physically very similar to the Hylians, sporting the same pointed ears and extended life spans as their Hylian counterparts, though they differ in that Sheikah have darker skin closer to that of the Gerudo. Sheikah characters are known to be adept at many forms of combat though they tend to favor a swift, ninja like combat style over more brutish types. Like their counterparts the Hylians, the Sheikah people are also known to be quite acute in their sense of the arcane ways, leading many Sheikah to develop strong magical abilities from a young age. Because of their near extinction, Sheikah characters originating from current or future timelines are not allowed, however though who come from past eras are welcome.
›› Racial Attributes: +1 magic meter, +1 to roll checks.


The Zora are a mostly aquatic race that exists in the land of Hyrule, inhabiting both fresh and salt water bodies. The Zora are humanoid in form though they share many characteristics with other aquatic life. Most Zora are born with unique physical characteristics that mimic different sharks or fish species that inhabit the seas, rivers, and lakes of Hyrule. The Zora are exceptionally gifted swimmers and can breath underwater and on land equally, allowing them to live and survive adeptly both in bodies of water or on land. Culturally the Zora have existed in Hyrule for many centuries and have an established monarchy that rules over them. Zora characters are common in Hyrule and can have unique physical features, Zora characters are also immune to water based magic, and their physical abilities increase when they are underwater.
›› Racial Attributes: Resistant to water magic, gain +1 to all roll checks and +1 to defense when under water.