Hyrule Atlas
Hyrule Atlas.
Lake Hylia
The largest inland body of water in the land of Hyrule, Lake Hylia is known through out the land for it’s stunning beauty and shimmering clear water. The people of Hyrule have long trekked across the expanse of Hyrule Field for a glance at their most beloved lake, making it a go to destination for travelers. The history of the lake is however mostly told through legend, much of which is connected with the Zora people who revere the great body of inland water. While the exact details are not known Lake Hylia is rumored to be home to a temple connected to the Tri-Force, as many ancient structures dot the landscape around the lake and can be seen beneath it’s crystal clear waters. These monuments are detailed with carvings in long forgotten runes which seem to direct the would be explorer out from it’s calm banks onto one of the small islands which dot the interior of the lake. In recent years many have come to attempt to uncover the mysteries of Lake Hylia—though there is still much to learn—even going as far as building a laboratory on it’s shore. While the secrets of the great lake have yet to be fully uncovered the mystery has only made the lake a more desirable location for travelers of Hyrule.

Water Temple
The Water Temple was built by the Zora people as a scared shrine where they can pay tribute to the water spirits they worship. With it’s entrance located deep below the lapping waves of Lake Hylia at the lake floor nestled into the rising ridge of the lakes largest island, the temple itself consists of a labyrinth like maze of chambers across many vertical levels and is renown for it’s complexity. It is rumored many dangers lay within this scared place, adventurers beware.
Fishing Pond
With it’s entrance located on a far secluded bank of Lake Hylia the fishing pond is just that, a small pond stocked full of fish. The pond’s owner will gladly rent out a fishing rod for anyone who wishes to spend some time relaxing by the ponds shores and has on occasion been known to pay out rewards to those who catch record breaking fish. The fishing pond is a great leisure destination for those trying to see all Hyrule has to offer.
Lakeside Laboratory
A solitary stone building on the shores of Lake Hylia which sports two towering spires which can been seen from much of the lake. Living within this lonely building is the Lake Scientist who has devoted his life to uncovering many of the secrets of Lake Hylias diverse marine ecosystem and the creatures which call it’s waters home. The scientist is known to enjoy the company of travellers, as he is never to busy to explain the importance of his work to new comers.

Lake Hylia Bestiary
Blade Trap Gold Skulltula Keese Like Like Shell Blade Spike Stinger Teklite
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