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Working On Atlas
I need a topic in a RP forum to work on the atlas pages.
I'm going to drop a few full replies in here so as to see how the script I'm working on handles multiple replies to a post in the same location. Just want to make sure everything is ship-shape before I move on to the next part of the atlas page construction.
One more reply should be enough to get a full idea of the output, everything seems fine so far but I want to make sure the page expands the right way. So here goes nothing.
I'm going to go ahead and do five posts so I can see how the page looks full, for the purpose of the page designing and how well the page flows.
One more post should completely fill out the recent topics area on the location page in question, I see no point in doing any more after this one so this should be the last fake post I have to do today.

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