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Constcruction Ideas
Return of the original threads, we just have to fill it with posts again.

A rundown of what happened.
When we drifted from working here we didn't set up any moderation options, so it filled with spam (7000+ users and 186000 posts). When you alerted me of this a couple months ago I found the idea of deleting all those daunting and simply dropped some tables from that database. Everything was fine after that until some kind of error happened with the database and locked me out. I finally got that sorted and now we're back in business.
What's Left List:
Alright, since I kinda want to get rolling on this again some I'm putting together a list of what we have left to do. It's been awhile so some of the ideas we had might have lapsed, some things might need discussion again, etc.
  • Inter-page Linking: Will have a lot of linking to do, looking through the registration and guide etc.
  • Starting Equipment Packs: We should come up with a few of these, try to make them varied for different play styles.
  • Create a couple starting DM adventure ideas, dungeons, etc.
  • I need to clean up the HTML of the prologue page a bit. Just minor things.
  • Hyrule Atlas: This is a big one, map is done. This is probably the biggest thing left to do.
  • Equipment Codex: We need to get all the stats in, effects, and I have to get the quick menu made. We should finish this first.
  • Magic & Skills: I dunno if we discussed this much, we gotta get this sorted. I figure techs go here too. We should start a list.
  • Adventure: I need to design a nice page for the main story, and DM dungeons.
  • Forum: Still some work to do here, mainly with the profiles.
  • Member list: I think I'll probably do a custom script for this page pulling info from the forum profile database table.
Skills  List:
  • Jump Attack > Jump Strike
  • Dash Attack
  • Spin Attack > Great Spin > Bombos Spin (magic)
  • Sword Beam > Peril Beam
  • Roll Attack
  • Down Thrust
  • Up Thrust
  • Shield Attack
  • Back Slice
  • Helm Splitter
  • Mortal Draw
  • Ending Blow
Magic  List:
  • Din's Fire
  • Farore's Wind
  • Nayru's Love
  • Ether Magic
  • Quake
  • Shield
  • Thunder
  • Reflect
  • Life
  • Fairy
The items to add list, just do it doesn't get lost in skype.
What needs to be added.
> Blue Ring - Def+
> Red Ring - Def++
> Magic Cape - Make's wearing invisible (for use with puzzles/dungeons)
> Zora Tunic (should have similar properties as the Goron one, just allowing underwater breathing)
> Iron Boots (for water dungeon RPs)
> Deku Nut - Stuns when thrown
> Lon Lon Milk - Restores hearts (just adds some variance to items/potions)
> Heart Container - Needs to be detailed on the site somewhere.
> Heart Peice - 4 add up to a container, needs to be detailed.
  • Blue Ring:
    A sought after and expensive jeweled ring. Within it's seemingly ordinary gold band is set a large circular blue stone of unknown classification which has been enchanted with strong protection magic, which effectively increases the defensive rating of the wearer. The Blue Ring's effects do not stack with duplicate rings or addition of a Red Ring.›› Information: Defensive Rating +1
  • Red Ring:
    Similar in design to the blue ring, featuring a solid cold band with a large inset stone of unknown classification that has been enchanted with even more powerful defensive magic to increase the damage reduction of the wearer. Like the Blue ring the effects of the Red Ring do not stack with a second Red Ring or a Blue Ring.
    ›› Information: Defensive Rating +2
  • Magic Cape:
    A seemingly normal red cape at first glance, the Magic Cape as it's name suggests has been enchanted with ancient powerful magic. The enchantment allows the wearer of the cape to become effectively invisible, though his shadow will still remains observable. Wearing the Magic Cape drains the users Magic Meter by 1 point for each round of combat.
    ›› Information: Roll Bonus +3 while Magic Cape is being worn.

  • Zora Tunic:
    The Zora Tunic is similar in design to both the Green and Goron Tunics, though it's magical properties are vastly different. When the Azure Tunic is worn the user gains the ability to breath under water, something that comes natural to the Zora. This ability can make certain dungeons and temples accessible or easier to traverse.
    ›› Information: Defensive Rating +2.5, underwater breathing granted while worn.

  • Iron Boots:
    Boots which have been weighed down with cast iron soles, heels, and toes. Iron boots are extremely heavy when worn and effectively limit the movement of the wearer, though when used in the right situation they can allow a character to walk the bottom of a lake or flooded dungeon or withstand high winds which would normally blow them away.
    ›› Information: Roll Bonus -5 while Iron Boots are worn.

  • Deku Nut:
    A Nut dropped by Deku. Deku Nuts, like Deku Seeds can be used to gain an advantage in combat, though unlike their smaller seeds Deku nuts cannot be fired in a Sling Shot. When thrown these nuts break open emitting a quick flash of very bright light which will momentarily blind and stun an enemy.
    ›› Information: If attack roll is successful the Deku Nut restricts your opponents next round to a partial action.

  • Lon Lon Milk:
    The naturally sweet tasting milk of the Lon Lon Cow, bottled and distributed from Hyrule Feild's Lon Lon ranch. When consumed Lon Lon Milk can regenerate up to four hearts of damage, and leaves you with an empty bottle. Milking cows found within RPs with an empty bottle in your inventory will grant your one full bottle of Lon Lon Milk!
    ›› Information: Restores 4 hearts of damage.

  • Heart Container:
    In the world of The Legend of Zelda hearts represent your characters total health and a full heart container adds one heart of health to your character's maximum health rating. Full heart containers are extremely rare and are often encountered as a Piece of Heart, of which four pieces when collected add up to one full heart container. 
    ›› Information: Full container adds +1 Heart, 4 pieces of heart add +1 Heart.
Need to get the location's and sub-locations listed here again. This is a work in progress.
  • Kakariko Village:
      1. Windmill
      2. Well of the Three Features
      3. Kakariko Graveyard
      4. Granny's Potion Shop
          ›› 5 deku nuts = 15 rupee, fairy (must have bottle) = 50 rupee, green potions (must have bottle) = 30 rupee, red potion (must have bottle) = 40 rupee.
      5. House of Skulltula
      6. Elde Inn
  • Lost Woods:
      1. Forest Temple
      2. Forest Sanctuary
  • Death Mountain:
      1. Dodongo's Cavern
      2. Fire Temple
  • Goron City:
      1. Goron Shop
          ›› 5 bombs = 25 rupee, 10 bombs = 50 rupee, 20 bombs = 80 rupee, 30 bombs = 120 rupee, goron tunic = 200 rupee, red potion = 40 rupee, 20 bombchu = 180 rupee.
      2. Medigoron's Blade Store
          ›› Turn this into a weapon shop?
  • Gerudo Valley:
       1. Gerudo Fortress
       2. Gerudo Training Grounds
       3. Gerudo Archery Range
  • Castle Town:
      1. Hyrule Castle
      2. Temple of Time
      3. Bazaar
          ›› 10 arrows = 20 rupee, 30 arrows = 60 rupee, 50 arrows = 90 rupee, 5 bombs = 35 rupee, 5 deku nuts = 15 rupee. Metal Shield = 80 rupee.
      4. Bombchu Shop/Bowling
          ›› 10 bombchu = 100 rupee, 20 bombchu = 180 rupee.
      5. Medicine Shop
          ›› 5 deku nuts = 15 rupee, fairy (must have bottle) = 50 rupee, green potions (must have bottle) = 30 rupee, red potion (must have bottle) = 40 rupee.
      6. Happy Mask Shop
  • Kokiri Forest:
      1. Kokiri Village
      2. Kokiri Shop
          ›› 10 arrows = 20 rupee, 30 arrows = 60 rupee, wooden shield = 40 rupee, 5 deku nuts = 15 rupee, 10 deku nuts = 30 rupees, 30 deku seeds = 30 rupee.
  •   3. Great Deku Tree
  • Lake Hylia:
      1. Lakeside Observatory
      2. Fishing Pond
      3. Water Temple
  • Lon Lon Ranch:
      1. Stables
          ›› Lon Lon Milk = 30 rupee.
      2. Race Track
  • Zora's Domain:
      1. Zora River
      2. Zora's Fountain
      3. Zora Shop
          ›› 10 arrows = 20 rupee, 30 arrows = 60 rupee, 50 arrows = 90 rupee, zora tunic = 300 rupee, 5 deku nuts = 15 rupee.
  • Faron Woods:
      1. Deep Gorge
      2. Faron Spring
      3. Trill's Shop
          ›› red potion = 30 rupee.
      4. Skyview Temple?
  • Ordon Village:
      1. Ordon Ranch
      2. Ordon Spring
      3. Ordon Waterfall
      4. Sera's Sundries
          ›› Slingshot = ?, Lon Lon Milk = 30 rupee.
  • Snowpeak:
      1. Snowpeak Ruins
      2. Snowpeak Summit
  • Koholint Island:
      1. Mabe Village
          ›› Bow = 200 rupee, 10 arrows = 15 rupee, wooden shield = 60 rupee, 10 bombs = 25 rupee.
      2. Mysterious Woods
      3. Kanalet Castle
  • North Castle: 
      1. The Door That Does Not Open
  • Rauru
  • Maze Island
    1. Maze Island Palace
  • Mido
  • Kasuto
  • Darunia
    1. Old Man's House
  • Nabooru
  • Ruto
  • Saria
  • Midoro Swamp

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