Equipment Codex
Ranging from legendary blades to magic potions and everything in between, in the land of Hyrule many weapons and items exist to aide in the quest for adventure. Equipment serves a central and important area of development in every The Legend of Zelda title, a theme that is carried over here on The Legend of Zelda Aeons and while equipment doesn’t define the character, it certainly plays a role in defining what the character can do! All players start with a set of base equipment which help define their starting role, you can view those packs of the ( Starting Equipment ) page.

Equipment Class: Projectiles
Projectiles Explained:
Projectile weapons are any weapons that fire some sort of ammunition—be it any kinds of arrows or seeds—to do a ranged attack. Because these weapons allow a player to attack from a distance they offer a sense of safety that a melee weapon might not, though at the cost that they tend to lack the same amount of punch that a melee strike would. Aside from their use in combat projectile weapons also offer many non-combat actions, especially when dealing with puzzles. Seeds and arrows can be used to trigger traps or switches at a distance while boomerangs can sometimes be used to dislodge barrels or other objects and bring them into play. Be creative, as there are many options for projectile weapons that could present interesting outcomes in dungeons!

Every young child’s favorite toy turned in a weapon. Children from all around Hyrule can be seen using these, but in the right hands they can be used the stun your enemies. The uses don’t stop at combat. Objects out of reach can be hit to progress farther into your dungeons or obtain the item in question. Whatever your use, just know that the boomerang will return to you unless hit by a weapon.
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Magic Boomerang:
The upgraded form of the boomerang. This boomerang contains magic within it allowing it to go further, faster, and under the control of the user making it far more useful in battle, able to hurt the enemy and stun, but also reaching further objects in dungeons. With the use of wind magic, the magical boomerang can be imbued with that magic causing cyclones below wherever it travels.
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Gale Boomerang:
When the Magical Boomerang is imbued with wind magic, it becomes the Gale Boomerang. When thrown, the boomerang will be surrounded by a small cyclone that deals additional damage to enemies, stuns weaker ones, and can retrieve far away items. For those truly skilled with their boomerang, they can target up to 5 targets and the boomerang will hit all five in order.
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While this may be an ordinary Y-shape stick with an elastic band, in the right hands it can be very useful. Most mischievous kids in Hyrule great up with this, but to a skilled marksman with the right seeds can be deadly. Don’t forget your seed satchel and your seeds or you may turn from predator to prey. When your run out of projectiles, you’ll be glad you have this and your seeds.
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Hyper Slingshot:
This is no longer just any kid’s toy. The hyper slingshot allows you to fire three different seeds in different direction. Allowing versatility to your ammo as well as your target. When you need to hit three things at once, there’s not much better than the hyper slingshot. When one seed is shot, the seed will bonus off one wall before being destroyed. For seed collectors and dungeon crawlers, this is the upgraded slingshot for you.
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An ancient slingshot who’s creator’s name has been lost to time. Rather than shooting three seeds at once, the scattershot fires one that is shattered and sent flying forward. While not as useful in a dungeon as the Hyper Slingshot, the scattershot is made for battle. This upgrade to the slingshot doesn’t add any damage, but is far more difficult to dodge in battle. Pick the right seed and your enemy is toast.
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Each time has a different name, but this projectile weapon is an essential for all Hero. This weapon is more powerful than the boomerang, but requires arrows to be used. The combination of range and different types of arrows makes this weapon quite versatile. If you come up against someone with this weapon, you better hope you can get up close and personal.
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Nice Bow:
The far more versatile upgrade to the bow. By bringing your bow to Mother Maiamai and help her, she will upgrade your bow to this. While being as strong as the original bow, this bow can fire three arrows and different directions. This can be used to either trap your opponent or hit three different targets at once. Whatever your use, your sure to find this helpful.
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Sacred Bow:
A powerful and ancient bow, no matter how much time has passed the sacred bow’s power has never been surpassed. By pulling the string back all the way and holding it for a little while, the arrow with fly faster, more powerful, and spin like a drill through your enemies. Not as useful in a dungeon, but this bow should be feared in battle. Times may change, but this bow stands on top of all.
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Equipment Class: Hookshot
Hookshot Explained:
Hookshots represent a limited but useful class of ranged weapons in the land of Hyrule. The hookshot group of items consists of a core design which allows the user to fire a tethered spike, either for use as a ranged weapon or in the aide of solving environmental puzzles. Hookshots are limited in range by the length of their tether, though allow enough range to be useful.

A utility weapon with both ranged and melee uses. These come in many forms, but all are comprised of a loaded spring with a metal projectile attached to a steel link chain. The projectile has many different forms sometimes looking like a claw, a claps, or a simple point. These can be used to attach to a point far away and either bring the user to the point or the point to the user, depending one which is heavier. Either way, it will come in handy.
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A hookshot with a far longer chain. While only a simple upgrade, the longshot has further range and more power behind the metal projectile. When a longshot and a hookshot are both obtained, they can be used together allowing the user to hook to one spot and continue to the next spot while still suspended in the air. The added chain greatly expands the uses of the longshot allowing the user to get closer or further from an enemy quickly.
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