Hyrule Atlas
The Land of Hyrule
Comprising of rolling meadows, dense forests, sprawling deserts, towering mountains and everything in between, The land of Hyrule is truly vast and full of wonder. The map above visualizes the whole of Hyrule and will serve as your gateway to the richness of the world of The Legend of Zelda. Whether traveling the cobblestone streets of Castle Town or the worn dirt paths that weave through the empty expanses of Hyrule Field there is adventure to be found everywhere in this land. While you are free to explore and experience Hyrule however you like please take the time to read this page for some guidelines on using the atlas and traveling through Hyrule.


Using the Atlas:
The Hyrule Atlas is an important tool for those role-playing on The Legend of Zelda Aeons, as it will serve as your encyclopedia of Hyrule itself. Hovering over locations on the map will bring up location markers which once clicked will take you to a more detailed page which will explore the location in depth providing a history as well as places of interest for your character to visit. These location pages will also be your gateway to role-playing as you will find shops, breakdowns of enemies which you can encounter in RP, as well as a list of ongoing RPs taking place in each area!


Traveling Through Hyrule:
While you are generally encouraged to explore Hyrule however you see fit there are a few things to remember as far as traveling in concerned. First it’s important to have some realism involved with role-playing, so your character cannot be in two places at the same time, so if you intend to travel make sure your RPs either take this into account or end before you do so. Secondly Hyrule is a vast place, while you are certainly allowed to simply travel from one place to another far away place we feel it’s more in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda to engage your character in that quest, go from place to place along the way and experience the true Hyrule!


Termina and the Dark World:
The Dark World and land of Termina are important locations in the Legend of Zelda, existing in parallel to the Light World. At the beginning of our quest these areas have been sealed with powerful magic and will not be accessible for role-playing until the story progresses. When that time comes and these parallel realms have been unlocked you will have access to another atlas which will map out these areas of Hyrule in the same way that this atlas has done for the Light World, so fear not in time you will be able traverse the whole of Hyrule and see everything this magically world has to offer!


Let the Adventure Begin:
With all of that out of the way may your adventure through the fantasy world of Hyrule begin! If you have any questions or comments or simply need help with anything within the Hyrule atlas feel free to contact us via the ( Help Forum )